Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

I'm really not unique from other women in my obsession for shoes. In fact, I would even go so far to say that I don't have nearly as many pairs of shoes as some of my friends out know who you are (Kris). But, I do have a few pairs and I must say that I typically head to Nordstrom, the mecca for shoes, which many of you know actually started as a shoe store, and is now a grand department store. Let's just say that I go to Nordstrom for my Tiffany's fix.

Lately I have not been happy with the Nordstrom selection...nothing has inspired me during my weekly drive by, nothing. I thought for sure that I would find my dream wedding shoe there, after all, that is where I have found so many shoes that mean a lot to me. Doesn't it seem only fitting then that I would find my dream wedding shoe at a store that holds so much sentamental value? I even searched through the salon shoes thinking hey, it's my wedding...why not splurge a bit. Nothing.

And Nordstrom is not the only place that is disappointing me - Zappo's, JCrew, Banana, Piperlime...all great stores where you think a preppy-chic bride would find a fun, magenta, satin, unique, irresistible shoe and nada! Listen, I want to find something that is colorful - it could be magenta, green, yellow, navy stripes or a fun pattern. If any of you ladies see something curious and smart, please...send it my way! For now, this was the only thing that kind of intrigued me. I think you'll agree, we can do better than this little Stuart Weitzman number.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Somebody's Getting Married...

I've tossed around the idea of creating a blog for a while now, wondering things like - what exactly will I say and what ideas/thoughts/content do I want published on the world wide web? I think that in my current job I have been socializing this need for collaboration and more interaction with colleagues, peers, friends, family and the like so it only seemed natural that I would eventually find myself with a blog.

In the midst of planning one of the biggest events in my life, if not the biggest (my wedding), I realized that it would be way easier to display content and get feedback from friends by storing pictures and links all in one location instead of emailing people over and over again with the same stuff. I love hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas so I thought the purpose would be even better served by opening up the planning process to the entire public.

So where am I currently in the wedding planning process? We
ll, we have officially set the date - August 22nd in the beautiful state of Washington! I've decided on colors - Navy blue as my staple color with magenta accents and touches of yellow and green (think lemons and limes here). I've always been in love with jcrew clothing, I've grown up playing sports, and I've always added (or attempted to add) a touch of glamor or something trendy to the outfit so that I didn't look like a tomboy (I wasn't always successful, just ask high school friends). This has been the inspiration for the preppy-chic wedding theme that I have also named my blog after.

The wedding planning has been a blast so far...I can hardly stay away from sites like theknot,, and instyle weddings and of course, every site they recommend. If you have any preppy elements that you think I should add - please, please, please - send them my way :)

For now, I will leave you with my idea for the flower girls...cute, right? I love seersucker on little kids and actually think they are cute as bermuda shorts for ladies but I start to get a little creeped out when guys have the full seersucker suit on. This little girl dress is from Macy's...Ralph Lauren Little Girl Illyana.

I want to pair it with little ballet slippers, perhaps in magenta and one of these great flower headbands that I found from this wonderfully sweet and talented designer who makes a line called "little lovelys on