Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Chosen...On To The Engagement Photo Shoot Outfits

Well, most of you who follow this blog already know that I chose dress option number 1 for my ladies to wear and I'm very happy about this decision. For some reason, that was the only dress that I could envision the full ensemble perfectly. Now on to more pressing matters - Adam and I are heading to Seattle next weekend for fun with friends, a couple of bridal showers and an engagement photo shoot with our photographers. I am so excited about this because Adam and I don't have a lot of pictures together and the ones we do have are self know the ones where Adam doesn't smile because he thinks I'm obnoxious/vain for holding the camera up and requesting that he make all sorts of faces.

The tricky thing is, I have had a hard time deciding what we should wear. On one hand I want to have a clean/classic look so that 20 years from now we don't say...yikes, what were we thinking. On the other hand, I want to look youthful and stylish which happens when you pick out some funky trendy pieces and incorporate them into the outfit. I have already picked up a couple of things so far and could use some opinions. Take a look at these pieces and let me know what you think:

First outfit:
I went into this store called South Moon Under and fell in love with this long sweater - I like how creams and whites colors look fresh and clean in pics so I thought I would pair this with a cute white tank and dark hudson's, scarf (since I love wearing these with everything) and a pair of wooden wedge-sandals:

To go with this look Adam would wear this light blue Quicksilver button down, dark rinse Lucky jeans and his light brown Rainbow flips:

Okay, on to outfit number 2: I bought this dress from JCrew - in navy blue and I was thinking I'd just keep it simple by wearing t-strap sandals and maybe a long necklace (kind of like the model in the picture). To go with my navy blue dress, Adam would wear a bright grass-green half zip sweater from Banana Republic that has a few thin navy and white stripes (I couldn't find an image for this one) and the same jeans and flips combo.

For the final outfit, and this is the one I am a little unsure about - I have picked out this top from French Connection. I loved the color although it's kind of hard to see the red/orange that it really is in person. I want to pair it with white capris, the wooden sandal wedges and a brown belt that hangs a little looser. For Adam, I am going to have him wear a soft navy v-neck with some dark khaki cargo shorts - something kind of simple to tone down my funky top.

So...that's all I've really got so far. Any thoughts? Thanks!!