Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Why did I decide to get married all the way across the country? This decision has made planning our wedding so difficult in more ways than I originally imagined and tomorrow will be another frustrating obstacle as I attempt to fly with three suitcases that are overweight, full of glass and breakable items - and land in Seattle without any damage. Sure, just like any bride planning a wedding across the country, I used the Internet for several purchases, especially the extra large ones...but, you can never account for all of the little items that you will stumble upon as you wander in and out of your favorite stores and must purchase because they will definitely make the decor THAT much more preppy-chic! Or what about the 10,000 little votive holders that you had to buy in Virginia because the Seattle IKEA was all sold out and oh how delightful, IKEA does not ship glass...So, instead of sleeping, I am merely taking a break from packing to grumble about this unfortunate and daunting task ahead to the two readers who occasionally check my blog. Notice - it is nearly 12PM - and yes, I am feeling quite sorry for myself. Although I shouldn't be. I had an amazing day which included a stop at Tiffany's where I purchased this incredible necklace to wear on my wedding day and hopefully pass on to my daughter someday. I have a feeling a necklace is a little more classic than my dress leaving her more inclined to participate in my sappy tradition. The question now is, what earrings do I get? I'm not all about the matchy-matchy; I like things to look like they naturally go together without looking like a set. Anyhow, I sort of got sidetracked there - the point of this post is to say that getting married across the country is hard, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a full time coordinator.

Well, I'm going to finish packing - wish me luck with the airlines tomorrow :) Can you just imagine me on the metro with all of my bags? And yes, for all of you who are wondering why I didn't just mail everything...duh, I thought this would be the least expensive way to go and the safest - after all, who would you trust more with your breakables? USPS or the Airlines?


  1. Gorgeous necklace. I would wear just plain diamond studs. Big ones, but simple.

  2. Did you make it successfully? And yeah, gorgeous necklace.