Friday, August 14, 2009

Eight Days A Week...I Love You

Many of you know that I have been feeling a little on edge, nervous, cold feet, anxious, overwhelmed, etc...with the realization that my upcoming nuptials are just a few days a way. I think the tipping point was last Saturday at my friend Joni's wedding when I realized in fullness, the magnitude of this decision as I listened to their wedding vows up close, and in person.

I'm happy to say that my nerves have cooled down and I currently "feel" so in love and ready to be married. With only 8 days to go and nearly one week away, I am experiencing more clarity than I did throughout the entire engagement period. I guess it's mostly because like many brides, I became obsessed with the planning (which I had a great time with) and the details, that I started to feel a bit distant and I started to lose perspective of the things that really matter.

It was so refreshing to walk through everything with my parents last Friday (in a 6 hour cram session before I had to rush over to Seattle for Joni's rehearsal) - they have really picked up the last minute odds and ends and have made my heart feel so at peace, I am such a lucky girl. I got to see all the TLC that my dad put into making adirondack chairs, a cake table, a coffee table, ends tables and even an arbor (which I didn't get to see)...all to add an extra homey, crafty, unique experience for the guests at my wedding. But mainly just for me. Because he loves me so much. That's how it has always been. My parents, doing things for me and my brothers, sacrificing their own desires for me and my brothers.

I'm feeling really loved right now. Now if only I had my dress. Wait...back to what's important!! I'm feeling really loved right now.

I'm feeling so in love with Adam, my family, my new family, all of my friends who are coming into town for the event...Trish & Hans flying all the way across the country along with several of Adam's groomsman, my friends from California, Jesse and Kelly who I haven't seen in forever and would've never thought that they could make it...there are so many people are going above and beyond to say they love us and support us that I am just floored and totally humbeled by all of this love and generosity. My friends Lindsey, Laura and Jess who have driven me to Priscilla of Boston 6+ times to support me, shop with me, and encourage me when I have a melt down.

I'm not entirely sure what the Beattles meant when they wrote the song, 8 Days A Week - I'm guessing by the lyrics that they wanted even more time with the person they love - 7 days/week was not nearly enough. I want a lifetime with Adam - 8 days a week aren't enough for me :) And one wedding day will not be nearly enough time with all the people I love, but I'm really looking forward to it. I will be there. Thanks everyone - I can't wait to see you.

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